Lynn Mickleson



“I want you to know that you’re not alone with bad problems and that others may have very similar ones as well.”

Dr. D. Lynn Mickleson was born in 1950 and raised in a steel town in western Pennsylvania. Blessed with a loving and supportive family he was able to achieve many of the goals in his early life. He earned his Eagle Scout award at age 14 and continued to use the important concepts he learned in scouting throughout his adult life. Service to others has always been his main goal – first in medicine, then in teaching others about the importance of hope and inspiration.

He graduated from Dickinson College in 1972 (BS- Biology) then spent five years working as a boatman on the Colorado River, managing an apartment, working in the Post Office and doing graduate work in Physiology at Penn State. Finally, after five years of medical school rejections (51 in total), he was accepted to Temple Medical School and graduated with his MD in 1981. After that he received specialty training in Emergency Medicine. From 1984 – 87 he served as a US Navy Flight Surgeon at NAS Key West. In 1990 he moved his family to Palmer, Alaska where he has lived since. After his ER career he had his own practice in Palmer for many years.

As a world traveler he’s been to Europe, Nepal, Scandinavia, and Central and South America. Everywhere he’s gone he’s found stories of hope, inspiration and the perseverance of the human spirit over high odds.

Early in his life he learned the power of positive thinking from such luminaries as Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Reverend Robert Schuller. He realized that both good and bad things happen to all of us on a regular basis. When something good happens we feel happy for a short while then our minds drift back to the more painful problems in our lives. He then realized he needed to write these good things down or he would forget them. Thus was born the concept of the Good News File.

Over the past 50 years he has collected thousands of inspirational quotes and stories from many sources. It became clear there was a real need to put them all in a book to help people in these difficult times . . .thus began the book “The Good News File – Hope For A Modern World.”

Enjoy the book.